I use a lot of tools in online business.  Learn more about the ones that I recommend.

I buy my hosting through Bluehost.  Its a wonderful product and I rarely ever have downtime.

I monitor my downtime on my blog using this product. It’s free for one website.

I measure my website statistics using this program.  Sign up for one website and tracking for free!

I use DL Guard on my membership sites and to secure any downloads – Secure your site with DLGuard!

I use to understand my audience. Also, Free!

I use TweetAdder to post some of my RSS feeds and follow my audience.  It’s a great product that will help you build your audience.

I have a lot of passwords, and I use a program called Lastpass to keep track of all of them for me.  It’s awesome and it’s able to be used on many devices.  It’s free to use and works like a charm.

I use Mozy to back up my website to an offsite place (in Oklahoma, if you have a tornado, you won’t be able to find your hard drive backup!)  It’s free for a good amount of storage, I use it to back up all our computers so I pay the fees!

I enjoy helping other people, so I participate in Kiva, giving loans to other people around the world.  If you would like a $25 credit to start, please click here and go on over to Kiva.  You will help people and feel great!


[Some links are affiliate links, which means that I earn some money when you click on them and buy.  The products do not cost you any additional money]

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