Publish A Book On Kindle – Review Day 10 for Kindling

Yes, I am already at day 10…  What a great big membership area there is for Kindling.  I am still wading down the side and finding out new information constantly!  Today is no different!  I want to remind you that in the side column, the PDF file for all the kindling review blog posts I have done are there and they are all together so if you want to take them and read along with your membership that would be great!

We are starting on the Various section.  But before I start that, I want you to know I am up to 24 pages in my Fiction book I decided to write.  I am writing about 3 pages every morning – so that ends up being a chapter for the book.  About.  And I am also working on another non-fiction book in the Renal Diet Category to go with my current book.

But back to kindling – various is just the other stuff that wouldn’t fit in any category!

First up – Time!  A video about how to make the best use of your time.  Not how to waste it.  Since you can’t buy more time, just make more money in the time you have.  It’s a very important note for you to understand – watch the video here:

Then we are talking about pricing.  He goes over the commissions earned at different sales prices.  He talks about how the price for your book is not always obvious, and that you can build on books with more sales through certain pricing plans.  He explains all the factors that you should consider when pricing your book.  He talks about strategy for how to sell more books and at a high volume so that you can build more sales later.

Now, word count.  He has already given some direction on word count before.  He talks about how you cannot provide crap to your customers.  How many words does it take to say what you need to say?  You should know.  And providing value will give you passive income, so do what it takes to make it a good book, then reap in the value over time with the sales of a good book.  This is what he has said throughout the members area.  He does in some areas, tell you how much you should have a minimum, but here he says create real value.

Now he is getting onto us marketer’s who see the world for how much we can get with the least amount of effort (not all of us, but a lot of marketers are that way)  Stop thinking about quantity instead of quality – because quality is more important.  He has some really great information on how to change your mindset to improve your outcomes.  I love this page because it makes me realize that IF I take the time up front, the income on the other side will be much better.

STUFF Section – this is some great information!  Even more on the mindset mentality.  Give people something of value.  More listening to audio information.  This is all overview about some general business tactics that are good to be reminded of.  The beaver video is priceless!  You should definitely listen to it.  It’s about your economy, and what you have control over.  Fear is an excuse.  He also reminds us of how we make sales in other countries and how to check that out.

Then he goes into reviews, and talks about how important they are.  And how to put it into perspective.  And the last part is about non US Income.

So that’s it for this section of Kindling.  I am still writing while I review this membership so I can get something out there, and I already feel like I need to go back and study some other parts.







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