My Experience Writing A Non-Fiction Book For Kindle, Part 1

I thought I would share my experience writing my first book, because I think many of us have an opportunity to do just that with the ease of self-publishing today – all it will cost is your time. Here is the link to my book page on my blog:…my-first-book/

I went to NAMS in February this year, and I enjoyed it a great deal.  I tell you this to mention that I won a set of 3 AUTOGRAPHED books by Kristen Eckstein. I read the one about publishing your book. I thought about it a little more. 

I knew I wanted to write a book for my business to create name recognition and authority. My niche is renal diets and dialysis diets for people, and as a dietitian I have some authority, but you really do have authority when you write and publish a book. It’s like magic.

My websites were hit by Google Penguin in May, and I was lost. I had been steadily growing, but now I was down to 10 visitors a day. I got mad. At myself for relying on Google too much. It was a head thump moment. Needless to say, I had to do something.

My coach suggested that I write the book. I said ok, and decided to write about chronic kidney disease. I made a mind map for the layout. I am not that good at the software, so it wasn’t pretty. But I had an idea where to start.  I used freemind, a free mindmapping software.

I don’t know that I was convinced this was a good idea, as my coach suggested that I sell the book on kindle for 99c. And you know what my thought was? I am not going to put in a ton of work (he said 50 pages!) for a 99c book! Then it started to work on my thoughts and my pride. I could not publish a substandard piece of content regardless of the price.

And my reputation was on the line. More people’s lives can be changed by my product if I get it out there for an inexpensive price. And this was marketing. So I started to write the initial pages. And I got stuck. What could I DO that would get me started again? What would you do to get unstuck?

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