Kindling – How To Sell On Kindle – Review Day 8

Today, I am going to get to the promotion section of Kindling, and I am so excited to finally be to this part.

I just noticed a new section at the top of the left side column, entitled “Are You Lost?”  And it basically tells you what you need to do step by step once you read the newbies section.  Which is great and I am glad that he changed it a bit – just goes to show you that he responds to the comments and questions made.  I already knew this because he makes many mentions of adding things based on feedback.  (This section may have been here for a while, but I have concentrated on stuff lower so I am just now noticing it!)  He reminds you that he is always there to help you get unstuck, and you are important to him!  I believe him.

And I am going to look at the updates section as well – he has a video about how he is planning on adding information to the website in the future.  And I love this!  It is exactly what he needs – he is going to place a flowchart on how you can go through the site and find out where you need to go based on where you are starting!  So, if like me you have already written a book, he will direct you to a different part than someone who is just starting!  Brilliant.  He goes over the entire way the website will be laid out.  Love at the end – the only economy you can change is your own!  You are so right, Geoff.

Now – we start Kindling as Promotion!

Geoff says that because I have internet marketing experience, I am ahead of most people when it comes to understanding how to market my books – Thanks!

It seems that he is saying that this will get you to where you want to go much more quickly by marketing than just writing good books.  He says some things in the main page on promotion that are eye openers – and makes you realize that the key to success on kindle really is that simple.

Next section is called continuation, and I am not sure I like what I am reading.  Not because it’s wrong, but because it’s the way I started and I don’t want to have to change!  He points out something about non-fiction that I really am thinking is correct but I had not thought of it that way before.  He’s telling me a very big secret that I need to understand.  This is the part where all the information up to this point starts making sense in that – I realize why it all comes together in this manner.  All the information he has given me, it is “gelling” with this part.

Well, at this point, I am sure that I am going to write some fiction, in addition to the other books I will write.

The next section is called series selling, and he makes very good points as to why the best series are selling well.  And he mentions how you can get a good series of books going, whether it’s fiction or non-fiction.  And again, it’s about focus.  He tells you how this helps with getting a hot new release in a category and then how that also helps with promotion!

Next section, we are talking about Kindle Lending Library and Amazon Prime.  Wow, the statement he makes here really makes you sit up and take notice.  I actually have my current book enrolled in this program, and I already understood it to be a great thing because I am an Amazon Prime member.  So in part 1, he explains a little about the money part of putting your book in the kindle lending library.

In part 2, he describes a very clever way to leverage Kindle lending library program to sell more books!  Now, he says something that I already knew – people buy from people that they know, like and trust – call it the KLT factor.  But his way of doing this promotion to sell more books is something that I have never seen before.  And it makes complete sense, and it’s completely legal (everything he tells you to do throughout the entire series is legal, by the way).

Ok, now we are talking about tags.  I am going to spend some time on Amazon and do the research he suggests and see about adding some other tags to my book.  Tags are important, and I understand their relevance much more and how to use them much better now that I have read this section.

Moving on, next up is keywords – he shows a great example of how people search on Amazon and how you can target with keywords.  This section did not really answer my questions, and I don’t want to have to wait till another section to find out more!  Sorry, but that’s how I feel.  This should be the complete training on keywords.

Next reading section is about Clickbank vs. Amazon and a major best seller – a little peek behind the curtain of a successful clickbank seller.  It opened my eyes about the potential of Amazon and getting sales from the work that you have to do.     Amazon is huge compared to clickbank, and if you do it right – like he tells you to in Kindling, then you are well on your way to being successful – and you don’t have to do a lot for it.

Love what he says in the next section video about hurdles!  This is in the paid advertising section.  He shows you how to advertise and make money from a $2.99/book and what you need to do to make it work.  While I don’t think this section is as complete as I would like, it’s good.

Right now, I would like to know how do I figure out what keywords people are searching for on Amazon?  How do I know what related searches are and how will it help me title my book?  Also, what words to target in Google Ads?  I am going to email Geoff Shaw and ask him – more later.

This review section of kindling is done – I am going to take action and do research and change some tags as well as update my book that is on Amazon now to be part of a series, even though I am not sure what series?  I will make it work!

If you are following along, and you know some of the answers or just want to let me know what I am missing – tell me in the comments!


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