WSO Review of Viral Blogging Traffic by Tom Ness

Starting a new review on increasing traffic, the free way, using a WSO called Viral Blogging Traffic  from Warrior Tom Ness who I have a great deal of respect and admiration for.  I have purchased and used 2 of his WSO’s before and found them to be very informative.  That is why I decided to purchase it even though it’s not the cheapest of WSO’s.

As always, I am going to start with the sales page.  What is it that Tom promises and will it deliver?

First of all, it’s a very pretty sales page, and the first promise is Massive Amount Of TARGETED Traffic.  For Free!  He tells me I am going to say goodbye to SEO forever.  [Pardon my aside, but I really don’t mind SEO as long as it’s not too difficult].  That is a big promise, to go from minimal traffic to a boatload!

He starts by asking me if I am tired of Google updates, etc?  I would answer definitely!  He’s going to take away ALL of my frustrations.  No frustrations and a Tsunami of traffic, I can’t wait.  He promises to triple my conversion rate, which I must admit is very promising.  He’s telling me in 1 hour a day I can unleash a heck of a lot of traffic on my site.  Honestly, right now I spend 2 hours per day on my website, not enough on traffic.  This could be very good for my websites.  Wait, he says he’s going to tell me how to outsource it so I don’t have to spend any time on it.  Bring it on!

We have some web graphics and sales screenshots from accounts.  Not sure that I am convinced, since those can be photoshopped – although not by me, I suck at photoshop!

Next promise is to not have a problem coming up with traffic and content ideas.  I like that.  I currently have a process to use google alerts and post via hootsuite to Facebook, and so I hope this is NOT that.

Well, now, we understand that he’s giving me hope.  Just when I thought I would not be able to make it any longer in my niche, Tom to the rescue!  All kidding aside, lots of hype to this sales page – one basic promise – increase traffic and conversions.  Those are 2 completely different things, so he promises that the traffic will be targeted, which should help with conversions.

Now, to what I get –

Tutorials on Video (Tom does like to do video!)

How to Outsource

A secret strategy on how to drive massive amounts of traffic to the website

How to double or quadruple your conversions without extra giveaways and emails

Step by step how to viral blog in under an hour per day

Bonus #1 – How to triple your conversions using this system

Bonus #2 – How to Outsource everything for pennies on the dollar and put it on autopilot

[Those sound like parts of the first “what I get system” but I will withhold criticism for later.]

Tom promises he’s only selling 1,000 copies – based on the fact that people charge $169/month for SEO services, you can do this yourself – he doesn’t want everyone to have it.

Plus a 60 day money back guarantee.

Now, when I purchased, he promised no upsells, and that is right.  Just the videos, you get an email from Warrior Plus, and then you have to create a login.  Easy peasy, then you are in they system.

Now, as of this morning, not many people have posted in the thread, and there are still plenty of the 1,000 copies left.  I will continue my review soon, once I get logged in and start watching the videos in Viral Blogging Traffic.

[That’s an affiliate link, and I am not telling you that I endorse this product, but if you want to go along and drive traffic with me, feel free.  I will let you know at the end whether or not I think it’s worth it!]




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Outsourcing for Amazon Kindle Writers – Kindling Review Day 13

Lucky day 13 of the Kindling Review!  I am ready to learn more about outsourcing, as that is something I would really like to do to speed up some of the process.  I am glad to write the books that I have, but I am sure it will be better if I can get some quality resources and have them write me good books.  But for now, I am learning – tell me more!

First, the overall parts about outsourcing provides a really good way to gauge whether or not you need to outsource your books, and what parts of them you need to outsource.  Then he has a video about how to decide whether or not it is for you.  You can see he is leaning towards you writing your own book, but you can outsource some things and he has an idea how to do that.

How to outsource on is a longer video, that kind of rambles, but has excellent points.  I do wish he would have gone into more detail about how he keeps his requests private when hiring people – that is a very important point and relates to how you keep your business under the radar and not give out information to your competitors.

And… I spoke too soon!  Next section is exactly how to hire people privately!  Except he forgot to tell me how to build the team and invite the people to the job privately.  He tells me how to fill it out, but forgot the most important part about how to send out the invitations.  I can probably figure this out, I have hired a lot of people on Elance, and as a matter of fact, it’s probably the same way on Elance and I should start doing my Elance jobs like that.

Then he talks about the best thing to outsource is your editing and proofreading.  Which I totally agree about.  But if you can’t pay for outsourcing yet, then he has a very good plan for you to get your own books proofread in an easy to do format.  That idea is golden, and I have done this so that I could save money on my last books.

Another thing you can outsource is getting drafts of books written, which is a great idea.  I am going to do my series, and I can see that in the near term I will need more books and ideas to keep them going.  I am definitely going to hire some outsourcing of drafts of books to keep my books going.

He has an interesting take on how to hire students or outsourcers, which is valid but I just think people are lazy so it wouldn’t happen much.  But he has been doing this for a while, and I suppose he would know!

Final part of Kindling outsourcing guide is about translation.  I won’t need that much, but he does describe how it can be useful.

I am slightly disappointed in this section because he is not as clear about some of the sections as I would like.  I feel like it needs to have more body to it and more information – he’s still protecting some information here and not feeling like it’s full disclosure.  It may come later in the sections so I will reserve my concerns for later.

Thanks for listening to another day of my review of Kindling!  I am up to 46 pages on my book, and almost ready to choose the editor I need to proof it.  Yeah!

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Kindling Review – Working On Plots – Day 12

Day 12 of my Kindling review and I am up to the best part, so I have heard!  It’s Tricktion!

First up, a word about creating plots and how to think of new plots (or at least ones that are not so old).  How to figure out what plot to write out about and how to reuse some of the best plots of all time.  I love this part already.

Then he goes into character development.  I just bought a book on Amazon about writing fiction and plot development called – Professional Plot Outline Mini-Course and it provides good ways to start the book and keep going past the rough spots.  I am excited about it because I know I can do a series for my pen name for my book I am writing and this gives me more ideas on how to do it.

But for Geoff, he talks about how to keep your characters straight and how to describe them.  Good idea here.  And then it has the next section about setting, and how to find the best way to describe your setting and background for your book.  How to use certain websites to add facts to your fiction and makes it believable!

And then there is the IMAGINation section, he puts it all together, showing you how the plot you created and characters can be put into a good novel.  And he talks about how to do “what if’s” to change the plot – what makes a good what if and what does not!

Cloning is the next section he talks about, and you know he is not telling you to copy a book!  But he does tell you how to copy success and make it your own.  And what that means for your long term success.  He also discusses images and the best ways to use them.  I like this section because it really shows how you can add value to your book without a lot of cost but adding a lot of perceived value through using images properly.

Then he talks about the system I have been using to write the fiction book that I have been using.  He discusses how to make it flow and work the best way, and it is so true.  Using this method, and writing about 800 words per day for the last couple of weeks, I am up to 15,000 words for my first fiction book, and I am fairly convinced that it will be popular because it’s written in this manner.

Now, he talks about using certain programs that are free to help you describe your surrounding and layouts of areas.  So he is showing you how you can have very accurate descriptions, characters and plots using his quick techniques that don’t cost anything.  Then he compares writing a book to creating and fixing a recipe.  I like his analogy.

The final section in Tricktion is about how to write books even better and faster.  I like this idea, and for my next book I may try it.  Just to get the first draft out.

I have to tell you that how I am writing the current book is, I write the 800 or so words and then all that day I think of how the next section is going to go.  So I almost have the section written by the next morning.  My subconscious is working on it and tweaking it.  And I have not gone back through the book to edit it at all.  I think it’s important to get it out of me first, then I can go back and fix it.

Finally, I want to tell you that the book I bought on kindle about creating plots that has also helped a great deal.  I am trying to think of the plot for the second in this series, and it has helped me start to flesh out the needed ideas and plans for the overall plots.  And you will love her idea about “candy bar scenes”.

So that is it for Kindling for this review day, back next time to talk about outsourcing, an area I am interested in.  I am currently working trying to hire an editor for my first fiction book, and I have the job posted.  Waiting to see where I am with the book and how much it will cost, but I am glad to know he’s going to tell me some good stuff about how to do it.

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How To Succeed With Kindle Publishing – Review Day 11

Ok, for Kindling it’s Day 11!  It’s about the recipe niche.  He is not a fan of the recipe niche.  Thinks it is a lot of work, more-so than other niches that you can work in.

The main page has a video and some other information about the niche and how to target it.  It is a very good analysis of how you can use recipes and what types of short cuts you can and cannot do.    He talks about how you can target the market very well.

Next up is The Recipe Problem – where he discusses how to get your account banned from Amazon.  Not a good thing, either.  Whew, he is very blunt about it!

Not to give anything away, but next up is the Recipe USP – recipe market is hard because branding is harder.  And your credibility is much more important.

Next section has an 8 and 1/2 minute video on what to do wrong.  He is hammering home the idea of how internet marketers fail in Amazon.  And it’s a good lesson.

Now – You The Cook Section.  He is finally going to teach me how to make money in this niche now that he has persisted in telling me the ways I might fail.  And it’s a very valid point that he drives home.  I am sure I could do some of the things that he mentions with my specific niche and make loads more money, and as a matter of fact, I just might do that.

Next up – your branding in the recipe market.  You learn a lot in the video that’s around 6:30 minutes.  Nothing about the process is just cut and paste or easy.  He explains how to brand any book or product, easily…  I am doing most of this but something he mentions in the video reminds of needing to do one more thing than he even shows in the video but mentions it.

So this blog post is short but the lesson on the recipe niche is resounding…  Be careful.  Geoff Shaw shows us the right way in Kindling to be successful in this.  For me, I will wait on the recipe book for a bit.

Next up – something I have been waiting for and I am glad I am finally to this section – Tricktion.

For now, good day! [starting to sound like an Aussie]





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