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Picture of Mathea FordYou didn’t come here to learn more about me, you really want to know  what I can do for you, at least that is how I would feel.

I am going to take you on my journey with me.  I am addicted to reading, a lot like you I guess.  You may have come here based on one of my reviews I have done for a product.  I am going to make you part of my addiction  and I am actually going to start learning from the ones that I do reviews on.  Part of the review process involves me learning more from the author, sort of a small interview that I can use to let you learn more about the writing process and book writing in general.  If you are inspired to go out and write like I have been, please let me know!  I want to inspire you.

I was inspired to start this blog by Tiffany Dow.  I bought her WSO about being a shiny object addict and I got started.  Now, if you think I am an expert, I am not.  I am just persistent.  I started with internet marketing in August of 2010, in an effort to create a business and love around what I want to do.  I quickly found that I knew very little.  Not surprising, eh?  I have attended seminars and bought more than I care to admit of products that I had every intention of using, but never got around to it.  Now, I am getting around to it.

I may give you my affiliate link, and you should assume that all links on my blog are affiliate links, at the beginning of the program.  This is because I know that some of you are going to join me.  If you want to , that is fine.  Doesn’t mean that I endorse the product yet.   Just means that you are welcome along for the ride.  I will keep you informed about what I am doing on a regular basis.  You are welcome to just read along!

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