WSO Review of Viral Blogging Traffic by Tom Ness

Starting a new review on increasing traffic, the free way, using a WSO called Viral Blogging Traffic  from Warrior Tom Ness who I have a great deal of respect and admiration for.  I have purchased and used 2 of his WSO’s before and found them to be very informative.  That is why I decided to purchase it even though it’s not the cheapest of WSO’s.

As always, I am going to start with the sales page.  What is it that Tom promises and will it deliver?

First of all, it’s a very pretty sales page, and the first promise is Massive Amount Of TARGETED Traffic.  For Free!  He tells me I am going to say goodbye to SEO forever.  [Pardon my aside, but I really don’t mind SEO as long as it’s not too difficult].  That is a big promise, to go from minimal traffic to a boatload!

He starts by asking me if I am tired of Google updates, etc?  I would answer definitely!  He’s going to take away ALL of my frustrations.  No frustrations and a Tsunami of traffic, I can’t wait.  He promises to triple my conversion rate, which I must admit is very promising.  He’s telling me in 1 hour a day I can unleash a heck of a lot of traffic on my site.  Honestly, right now I spend 2 hours per day on my website, not enough on traffic.  This could be very good for my websites.  Wait, he says he’s going to tell me how to outsource it so I don’t have to spend any time on it.  Bring it on!

We have some web graphics and sales screenshots from accounts.  Not sure that I am convinced, since those can be photoshopped – although not by me, I suck at photoshop!

Next promise is to not have a problem coming up with traffic and content ideas.  I like that.  I currently have a process to use google alerts and post via hootsuite to Facebook, and so I hope this is NOT that.

Well, now, we understand that he’s giving me hope.  Just when I thought I would not be able to make it any longer in my niche, Tom to the rescue!  All kidding aside, lots of hype to this sales page – one basic promise – increase traffic and conversions.  Those are 2 completely different things, so he promises that the traffic will be targeted, which should help with conversions.

Now, to what I get –

Tutorials on Video (Tom does like to do video!)

How to Outsource

A secret strategy on how to drive massive amounts of traffic to the website

How to double or quadruple your conversions without extra giveaways and emails

Step by step how to viral blog in under an hour per day

Bonus #1 – How to triple your conversions using this system

Bonus #2 – How to Outsource everything for pennies on the dollar and put it on autopilot

[Those sound like parts of the first “what I get system” but I will withhold criticism for later.]

Tom promises he’s only selling 1,000 copies – based on the fact that people charge $169/month for SEO services, you can do this yourself – he doesn’t want everyone to have it.

Plus a 60 day money back guarantee.

Now, when I purchased, he promised no upsells, and that is right.  Just the videos, you get an email from Warrior Plus, and then you have to create a login.  Easy peasy, then you are in they system.

Now, as of this morning, not many people have posted in the thread, and there are still plenty of the 1,000 copies left.  I will continue my review soon, once I get logged in and start watching the videos in Viral Blogging Traffic.

[That’s an affiliate link, and I am not telling you that I endorse this product, but if you want to go along and drive traffic with me, feel free.  I will let you know at the end whether or not I think it’s worth it!]




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