Kindling – How To Sell On Kindle – Review Day 8

Today, I am going to get to the promotion section of Kindling, and I am so excited to finally be to this part.

I just noticed a new section at the top of the left side column, entitled “Are You Lost?”  And it basically tells you what you need to do step by step once you read the newbies section.  Which is great and I am glad that he changed it a bit – just goes to show you that he responds to the comments and questions made.  I already knew this because he makes many mentions of adding things based on feedback.  (This section may have been here for a while, but I have concentrated on stuff lower so I am just now noticing it!)  He reminds you that he is always there to help you get unstuck, and you are important to him!  I believe him.

And I am going to look at the updates section as well – he has a video about how he is planning on adding information to the website in the future.  And I love this!  It is exactly what he needs – he is going to place a flowchart on how you can go through the site and find out where you need to go based on where you are starting!  So, if like me you have already written a book, he will direct you to a different part than someone who is just starting!  Brilliant.  He goes over the entire way the website will be laid out.  Love at the end – the only economy you can change is your own!  You are so right, Geoff.

Now – we start Kindling as Promotion!

Geoff says that because I have internet marketing experience, I am ahead of most people when it comes to understanding how to market my books – Thanks!

It seems that he is saying that this will get you to where you want to go much more quickly by marketing than just writing good books.  He says some things in the main page on promotion that are eye openers – and makes you realize that the key to success on kindle really is that simple.

Next section is called continuation, and I am not sure I like what I am reading.  Not because it’s wrong, but because it’s the way I started and I don’t want to have to change!  He points out something about non-fiction that I really am thinking is correct but I had not thought of it that way before.  He’s telling me a very big secret that I need to understand.  This is the part where all the information up to this point starts making sense in that – I realize why it all comes together in this manner.  All the information he has given me, it is “gelling” with this part.

Well, at this point, I am sure that I am going to write some fiction, in addition to the other books I will write.

The next section is called series selling, and he makes very good points as to why the best series are selling well.  And he mentions how you can get a good series of books going, whether it’s fiction or non-fiction.  And again, it’s about focus.  He tells you how this helps with getting a hot new release in a category and then how that also helps with promotion!

Next section, we are talking about Kindle Lending Library and Amazon Prime.  Wow, the statement he makes here really makes you sit up and take notice.  I actually have my current book enrolled in this program, and I already understood it to be a great thing because I am an Amazon Prime member.  So in part 1, he explains a little about the money part of putting your book in the kindle lending library.

In part 2, he describes a very clever way to leverage Kindle lending library program to sell more books!  Now, he says something that I already knew – people buy from people that they know, like and trust – call it the KLT factor.  But his way of doing this promotion to sell more books is something that I have never seen before.  And it makes complete sense, and it’s completely legal (everything he tells you to do throughout the entire series is legal, by the way).

Ok, now we are talking about tags.  I am going to spend some time on Amazon and do the research he suggests and see about adding some other tags to my book.  Tags are important, and I understand their relevance much more and how to use them much better now that I have read this section.

Moving on, next up is keywords – he shows a great example of how people search on Amazon and how you can target with keywords.  This section did not really answer my questions, and I don’t want to have to wait till another section to find out more!  Sorry, but that’s how I feel.  This should be the complete training on keywords.

Next reading section is about Clickbank vs. Amazon and a major best seller – a little peek behind the curtain of a successful clickbank seller.  It opened my eyes about the potential of Amazon and getting sales from the work that you have to do.     Amazon is huge compared to clickbank, and if you do it right – like he tells you to in Kindling, then you are well on your way to being successful – and you don’t have to do a lot for it.

Love what he says in the next section video about hurdles!  This is in the paid advertising section.  He shows you how to advertise and make money from a $2.99/book and what you need to do to make it work.  While I don’t think this section is as complete as I would like, it’s good.

Right now, I would like to know how do I figure out what keywords people are searching for on Amazon?  How do I know what related searches are and how will it help me title my book?  Also, what words to target in Google Ads?  I am going to email Geoff Shaw and ask him – more later.

This review section of kindling is done – I am going to take action and do research and change some tags as well as update my book that is on Amazon now to be part of a series, even though I am not sure what series?  I will make it work!

If you are following along, and you know some of the answers or just want to let me know what I am missing – tell me in the comments!


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Kindling Magic – Review Day 7

First of all, thanks for being there and keeping me on track with my kindling reviews.  I am a busy person just like you and I suspect that I would not have finished this if I didn’t have you along for the ride.

I wanted to let you know that I created a facebook page for us to interact on – check it out in the sidebar and like me, or go to and like the page!  I am letting it grow organically, so it may not have many likes, but I want it to be real people who interact with me!  Thanks for your like.

Now, onto Kindling, Day 7.  I said Kindling Magic because it is almost deceptive how simple Geoff makes the training and information.  I have not really seen one-half of the members area, yet I have so many ideas and I am so inspired!

Today is about Romance and Erotica.  I am not really interested in writing this stuff, but I did promise you I would go through the information thoroughly.  I have to be honest – I haven’t even read 50 Shades of Grey…

The first section (the overview) just highlights the size of the market and who to target.

The erotica section is an interview with one of his business partners, that really goes deep into what it is that makes Erotica different.  How the readers are different, how the market is different, and why he thinks that this niche has a huge amount of potential.  He reiterates a few things that Geoff has already gone over – how many words to write, how to build a raving fan base, and how other “marketers” are doing it wrong.  And, I agree with that!  He gives you information on where to find a listing of the Erotica subniches (not amazon) and how to target either men or women.  And he reminds us that FOCUS is key, on a niche and on a customer.  Don’t try to be everything to everyone, be someone to a group of people and they will reward you.  And erotica is a huge area on Amazon – they will tell you why they think it’s so popular!  Once again, writing a good story is key, not just SEX.

Next section – Erotica Extra!  Here Geoff goes into how he has interacted with some of the buyers of Kindling who have written erotica.  He tells us a few things that they have learned and how it’s working now.  And, I suppose it won’t surprise you, but you may need the reminder about how to write for this genre.  You can still write series books (they do very well!).

Then we have the Romance writing and plots!  He makes a good point about adding romance to any story, and actually where the romance part should be and where the other parts of the story should be.  And he makes a very salient point about how romance helps you sell books and create series of books.  So, pay attention – because when I was plotting out my fiction book a few sections back, I automatically put in romance.  I did it because of what he says in this section, and that makes me agree with him even more.   Bonus, he gives you a couple of basic outlines for romantic book plots.  Remember, you are the publisher, and you can publish what you want and the public will decide if it’s worth it!

That’s it for Erotica, but there was a lot there! Nothing dirty, though.  It’s safe to read.

Next up – Episodic Books – and he has a one page section that is kind of another push to do just that.  Episodic books are a little different than series books.  He explains why they do so well and how Amazon actually helps you if you have a series or episodes of books.  If you were scared before, this should solve your problem.  There is a paragraph at the end where he talks about what is holding you back now – and he is 100% correct.  I had this same problem before I published the first book that I did on Amazon.  It has not gone away completely, but it’s better.  You have to read this part, especially if you are hesitant.

I really like these last few sections better – usually a page or so of writing then a video that takes the writing and shows it in practice to really hit home the concept.  And, even though I am going through it section by section, you would not have to do that, as it’s easy enough to review the stuff you need.  And, I noticed that he moved all the content from the right side of the page to be in the regular content on the left side.  Not so confusing now where to start!

Another short intermission to talk about how Amazon ranks books.  He tells you what is important in this arena.  Then he talks about best sellers and why you would want to have one.  And how to use the free promotion days in Amazon select to make it to the top and create more sales for all of your books.  Really, this is priceless.  Learning to do this will change your income with kindle.

Ok, next blog post will be about promotion because I am so excited to finally get to this part!  I need to promote my first book and additional books that I write.  SO, stay tuned.

Is your favorite book a Nonfiction or Fiction Book?



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Review of Geoff Shaw’s Kindling – Day 6

Yesterday was just awesome, reading about the fiction section of Kindling.  I hope that you are taking action on what you want to do aFiction Stacksbout publishing on Amazon.  It’s a large space and you can do great things if you work on it and write your own books.  Or pay for a good one to be written.  And I don’t mean PLR or other crap information.

I was reading a post on the Warrior Forum about someone asking if people were making money on kindle.  Of course, the general consensus (by people who are not really trying) is that you don’t.  But most of those people are not action takers anyway.  It almost pissed me off because people who are not doing anything and have nothing to base an opinion on are stomping on the thoughts and plans of people who might try it.  Now, I have written a book and I am not making a mint, but I am working to improve it.  That is why I am reading the kindling WSO and learning from it.  And I can tell you that having to post on here what I read and working through the website is helping me to do a much better job at implementing than I did with other WSO’s.  So, for me, accountability is the key.

Anyhoo, on with the kindling review.
Next section is on Writing Styles, more specifically – having one that is your own.  And he gives some really good advice and focuses you back to the reality of the situation.  A unique style is not hard, because you already have one.  It comes through in your writing, and people with love you or hate you for how you write.  But they will move on or buy your book as well.  And he ends the section with a bit of irony but hope.  In this section he recommends some software, but I feel it is for fiction writers, so I am going to pass on it.

Next section is about perspective, and this section is merely a rant about how he feels you should write and focus on your readers.  I agree with what he says, it is absolutely true.  I actually did what he is talking about as far as making a mistake, with my first book now that I have read this section.  But, I have a published book that is selling, so I am going to keep moving forward.  Get your grade from your readers and audience, not the people who don’t matter.  (Those who matter don’t mind if you don’t have perfect grammar!)  This section goes well with what I ranted about in the 2nd paragraph today.

Now I am onto the part of this membership site that I have been waiting for: NON FICTION

Yep, I am a nonfiction writer, although I am seriously still thinking about fiction.  I have a plot started from yesterday and characters laid out.  I forsee a fiction short story in my future!  I have the idea for my nonfiction book ready and I have the research done (but I don’t know how he wants me to research, so I will have to try to adjust!)

In this overview page about Nonfiction, he puts to rest the anxiety people might have about writing a book at all.  He gives a great example about how you can write a fiction book even if English is not your first language.  He talks about how you can create books that are evergreen and also the best ways to get repeat buyers.  And he mentions the summary book.  Which, I am interested in finding out about because I want to write more books and he says these are fairly easy.  So, teach me more!

In the overview section on how to write a summary book, Geoff basically goes into great detail about how to get started.  From where to research and how to research what to write – to how to compile the book.  Sounds really easy, and it’s just a little elbow grease.  You will need time, but the time invested should outweigh the return.  So, I love this idea.  And I watched the two videos he did which are highly informative.  Then you have the red numbers down the page, and all of them are relevant.  He ends this section with a warning about misinterpreting what he is saying.  He trys to be clear about what you should do next.  There are 10 steps to this section.  {I did my research wrong – but it won’t cost me anything and I can use the research for another book that is longer and a different style than this one.}  At this point, I am going to read the rest of the non fiction book section and take action!

The next section is more specific information about how you can write the summary book, and has 10 steps to getting it completed.  I agree that one of the greatest time suckers is procrastination.  I have 2 hours every night to write and work on blogs and other things, and I can sift through email for 1 hour if I want to.  Then I have an hour and it’s hard.  Getting started is hard and getting done is hard.  So, he recommends setting deadlines for yourself.  I am going to set deadlines and post them on this blog.  So you can hold me accountable.  I may even do a chart!

Next section in Nonfiction is about a summary book example.  He explains why it works and also ends the page with a very smart saying!  Easy and simple, just going to take a little elbow grease.

Next section has a little bit of a warning about getting your account banned by doing the summary book the wrong way.  He sounds a little irritated that people are taking what he says and not doing it the right way.  He rightly points out that if you do it the wrong way, Amazon will just remove you from their site.

Then he goes on to talk about what to do to reformat a kindle book that is formatted incorrectly.  He goes over a book  and shows about how you should change the pictures and what types of pictures to use.

Final section on summary books is about giving you a summary book template that is very useful, and gives alot of information that you need to succeed in this market.  It is clear to me what I need to do to write a summary book and publish it in the non-fiction realm.  I am not sure how to promote it yet, but that is coming soon.

So, next blog post is about romance/erotica.  Looking forward to that.

Again, here are my last reviews.  Also, join me in making some money from kindle by doing the kindling training by Geoff Shaw.





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Review of Geoff Shaw’s Kindling – Day 5

Okay, we are ready to start day 5 of the kindling course review.  Today is all about writing fiction, even if you don’t know how.  I am going to be straight with you from the beginning, in that I don’t really think I want to write anything fiction.  We shall see if he changes my mind.

It appears that this section is recently been updated, so I’m getting ready to get into the brand-new information.  This section starts with an audio to listen to.  Very inspiring stuff, very clear how I could do this!  He says it’s not hard to write…

After listening to the introduction, then he tells me the key to how to be successful with Kindle fiction.  It’s right in the middle of the page.  I’ve already almost changed my mind and I’m only 5 min. into this.

Next section is telling me about how he’s been a train me to write Kindle fiction and how it still again is not very hard.  I’m not really sure I get the sausages comments that he makes.  I must be missing something.  He wants to give me a plan, but he also tells me to use my own style.

He has a couple case studies about different authors and how well they’re doing on Amazon.  There’s some information on some different authors who he suggests are good examples for you to read.

Ok, so now I am in the fiction sections that describe how to write a fiction book, from beginning to end.  He tells me that this is an important section whether or not I plan to sell a fiction book.

He is encouraging me to think through the process and think about my readers…  Just like you plan your niche in internet marketing and talk to them in your own voice (this blog for example) and build a loyal following from people who enjoy what you have to say.  I can see what he is talking about, but I have no idea what I would write a fiction book about.

So, red numbers are down the page, and I don’t want to give too much away, so I will list them and let you know if I agree with them or not:

1.  This section is great for helping you think through what you are going to do.  I totally agree with him!  When I do this, which I really have not done a lot of, I love doing it so that I can spend hours at it!  That is the right way to decide what you will do!  And I can really see what he is saying about repeat buyers – I do this myself!

He takes a lot of time getting you in the right mindset, and I understand why.  Mindset is the most important part of any job.  So, it’s about a 4 page long section – but I am reading and gathering it all in because he is passionate about what he wants me to do.

And I love the way he changes the way you think of yourself somewhere on page 3…  You have changed into something else.  And you write it down so that you don’t forget.  I am getting chills reading this – I can see it happening.  Then I read the information on Genre selection, and he has such a large number of genres (categories that you could write in) that I am almost overwhelmed.  But in the end, I figured one out!  [No worries, this will be under a pen name, so you won’t need to try to find me in Amazon]

Ok, next section is about getting it together, with red numbers to lead you down the right road:

  1. Yes, I did do this already.
  2. I have thought about how I will do this but I am not sure about it in the first book…
  3. Ok. I do understand that, and as I am reading I am writing out the story information he is asking so I don’t just skip it.  I have a good idea for this part!  It combines several genres – bonus!
  4. My mind is spinning, I don’t know the complete answer but I am going to take action and just figure something out.  I will fix it up later.
  5. Characters – lots to think about!
  6. Ok, that just added a few more people and thoughts to the mix.
  7. Ah, character development – I am liking this.  I feel like I know “her” already and I have not written a word.
  8. Oh, I thought this was mandatory.  Either way, I am going to add it in.
  9. Yep, good information for when I am writing the book and how to structure it.
  10. Ok, I am going to write a short story.

Next section is also about how to develop the story and structure it from beginning to end.  And he tells me how to make sure that my readers are happy when they are done with the book.  Good information, because I would not have started this way, but it makes complete sense now.

Next page is blank – but he promises the content is coming soon so I will move on to the next section.

Ok, now we are talking about after the book is written and put together, and what we should do.  I personally had my mother in law read my book that I wrote on renal diets because she is nit picky and that is what it needed.  I needed to make sure there were no errors in the book and that it flowed well.  Which, she helped me with a great deal.  He gives a lot of suggestions for picking up small things that might need to be changed.  And suggestions that I would have taken for granted even though I like my books a certain way.  He tells you what the average person likes!  He ends it with a way to keep people engaged and returning to your book.  I can see how authors have done this when I read books.  It never occurred to me that it was intentional, but it was.

The last section is about promotion – and he says he has an entire section planned out for that, so I am just out of luck and will have to read it after I get through the non-fiction sections.

For tonight, before I go to bed, I am going to map out the first fiction story that I want to write about my genre based on the kindling training I have gone through.  I want to answer the questions a little better and write out what will happen in my book in a general outline.  I am glad to do this – a short story only has to be 6000 – 10000 words, and I write that many every week using a product called

Thanks for listening today.  I am sure you will be extra excited when you just jump in.  It’s been a week, I have not written a book (since I started this training) but I have a much better understanding of what I want to do.  Thanks Kindling!  Tell me what you are going to do to take action today.







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