Review of Kindling by Geoff Shaw – Day 1

Today I am going to start my review process of the product – Kindling, Better Than the Best Kindle Training.

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I wrote one kindle book and that was done with lots of work. Then I posted it and promoted it (so I thought) and then, very few sales.

I wrote a press release, I encouraged my friends to buy it, and I put lots of twitter and facebook posts out about it. So, I was disappointed as I felt like it was a very good book that I spent a lot of time on, and that it would sell easily.

Therefore, my decision to try Kindling was because I needed more information on selling a book on kindle. My coach just encouraged me to write the book and get reviews. But I worked hard on it and it’s a lead generation tool, so I need people to buy it. So I started looking around for a course on kindle. And one of my favorite marketers – Tiffany Dow – suggested that her people work on kindle books, and that she had just bought this course and loved it.

So, I decided that even though it’s a high price, I would buy it and review it and let you know if it’s worth it – at this time I paid $77 for it.

I started with the sales page. It talks about getting off your butt and making the changes happen. It says it’s 100% effective and requires no resources. Well, we shall see…

He says it’s one small thing that you do that will change everything for you.  I already know I can write a kindle book, but how to make it successful.  He claims he is already successful at kindle, but doesn’t show much proof.  I am just supposed to believe him?  Now I do know that Amazon sells a bunch of kindle books and I just bought a kindle fire for my hubby for father’s day, so they are popular.  We are even Amazon Prime members.

Now, Geoff claims that Amazon is a huge pie and I can have a piece.  Well, tell me more.  People are making lots of money from kindle?  I find that hard to believe but if you say so…  He is telling me that Amazon wants me to succeed too!  He claims he has been on the forum for a while and that he’s provided a great deal of insight to people on this forum.  Well, he says no upsells and no more payments – that’s good because for the price I can’t afford much more till I become a kindle millionaire.

He claims to have the secrets to all the big niches that everyone wants to be in but people are failing at over and over.  I want more, I want to know how I can succeed and sell lots of books and make money on Amazon – don’t you?  He says he wouldn’t waste time on kindle if it didn’t work.  By now, I am believing him.  He says he is updating the site all the time and I get the new information for free.  Oh, and he says if I am not committed to this training he will kick me out.  Ouch.

He claims that inside the membership area are videos, audios and content.  I am more of a reader than video person, but I do like to watch videos while I am walking on the treadmill everyday.  So I should be able to get those watched.  And I will learn how to easily create content, promote my content, market research, where to focus my time, and how to get reviews.  Ok, I am all in.  I click the buy button, and make my payment…

And I am sent to the link page for the information that is a receipt and has the link to the membership.  So, I click there to go to the page, and I see a splash page that welcomes me and tells me congratulations for investing in this training.  It makes me more excited because it says I am investing in becoming financially free!  It also tells me that Geoff personally will add me to the membership and I will get the login information in less than 12 hours.  Ok, and he gives me his email so I can contact him if I have a problem.  Sounds pretty genuine.

Needless to say, it was less than twelve hours and I was able to get my login information.

How will I measure this product?  Based on his sales letter, I will achieve some level of financial freedom.  Right now, I am working a full time job and doing this and another website at night.  So, what is financial freedom?  Passive income would be nice in the form of 4 figures per month.  Not sure how long that will take but I will work on it.

Here I go, onwards and upwards!  Come along with me and learn how I do with the Kindling product.  I encourage you to buy the product and work through it with me and let me know how you are doing!






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