Review of Geoff Shaw’s Kindling – Day 6

Yesterday was just awesome, reading about the fiction section of Kindling.  I hope that you are taking action on what you want to do aFiction Stacksbout publishing on Amazon.  It’s a large space and you can do great things if you work on it and write your own books.  Or pay for a good one to be written.  And I don’t mean PLR or other crap information.

I was reading a post on the Warrior Forum about someone asking if people were making money on kindle.  Of course, the general consensus (by people who are not really trying) is that you don’t.  But most of those people are not action takers anyway.  It almost pissed me off because people who are not doing anything and have nothing to base an opinion on are stomping on the thoughts and plans of people who might try it.  Now, I have written a book and I am not making a mint, but I am working to improve it.  That is why I am reading the kindling WSO and learning from it.  And I can tell you that having to post on here what I read and working through the website is helping me to do a much better job at implementing than I did with other WSO’s.  So, for me, accountability is the key.

Anyhoo, on with the kindling review.
Next section is on Writing Styles, more specifically – having one that is your own.  And he gives some really good advice and focuses you back to the reality of the situation.  A unique style is not hard, because you already have one.  It comes through in your writing, and people with love you or hate you for how you write.  But they will move on or buy your book as well.  And he ends the section with a bit of irony but hope.  In this section he recommends some software, but I feel it is for fiction writers, so I am going to pass on it.

Next section is about perspective, and this section is merely a rant about how he feels you should write and focus on your readers.  I agree with what he says, it is absolutely true.  I actually did what he is talking about as far as making a mistake, with my first book now that I have read this section.  But, I have a published book that is selling, so I am going to keep moving forward.  Get your grade from your readers and audience, not the people who don’t matter.  (Those who matter don’t mind if you don’t have perfect grammar!)  This section goes well with what I ranted about in the 2nd paragraph today.

Now I am onto the part of this membership site that I have been waiting for: NON FICTION

Yep, I am a nonfiction writer, although I am seriously still thinking about fiction.  I have a plot started from yesterday and characters laid out.  I forsee a fiction short story in my future!  I have the idea for my nonfiction book ready and I have the research done (but I don’t know how he wants me to research, so I will have to try to adjust!)

In this overview page about Nonfiction, he puts to rest the anxiety people might have about writing a book at all.  He gives a great example about how you can write a fiction book even if English is not your first language.  He talks about how you can create books that are evergreen and also the best ways to get repeat buyers.  And he mentions the summary book.  Which, I am interested in finding out about because I want to write more books and he says these are fairly easy.  So, teach me more!

In the overview section on how to write a summary book, Geoff basically goes into great detail about how to get started.  From where to research and how to research what to write – to how to compile the book.  Sounds really easy, and it’s just a little elbow grease.  You will need time, but the time invested should outweigh the return.  So, I love this idea.  And I watched the two videos he did which are highly informative.  Then you have the red numbers down the page, and all of them are relevant.  He ends this section with a warning about misinterpreting what he is saying.  He trys to be clear about what you should do next.  There are 10 steps to this section.  {I did my research wrong – but it won’t cost me anything and I can use the research for another book that is longer and a different style than this one.}  At this point, I am going to read the rest of the non fiction book section and take action!

The next section is more specific information about how you can write the summary book, and has 10 steps to getting it completed.  I agree that one of the greatest time suckers is procrastination.  I have 2 hours every night to write and work on blogs and other things, and I can sift through email for 1 hour if I want to.  Then I have an hour and it’s hard.  Getting started is hard and getting done is hard.  So, he recommends setting deadlines for yourself.  I am going to set deadlines and post them on this blog.  So you can hold me accountable.  I may even do a chart!

Next section in Nonfiction is about a summary book example.  He explains why it works and also ends the page with a very smart saying!  Easy and simple, just going to take a little elbow grease.

Next section has a little bit of a warning about getting your account banned by doing the summary book the wrong way.  He sounds a little irritated that people are taking what he says and not doing it the right way.  He rightly points out that if you do it the wrong way, Amazon will just remove you from their site.

Then he goes on to talk about what to do to reformat a kindle book that is formatted incorrectly.  He goes over a book  and shows about how you should change the pictures and what types of pictures to use.

Final section on summary books is about giving you a summary book template that is very useful, and gives alot of information that you need to succeed in this market.  It is clear to me what I need to do to write a summary book and publish it in the non-fiction realm.  I am not sure how to promote it yet, but that is coming soon.

So, next blog post is about romance/erotica.  Looking forward to that.

Again, here are my last reviews.  Also, join me in making some money from kindle by doing the kindling training by Geoff Shaw.





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