Review of Geoff Shaw’s Kindling – Day 5

Okay, we are ready to start day 5 of the kindling course review.  Today is all about writing fiction, even if you don’t know how.  I am going to be straight with you from the beginning, in that I don’t really think I want to write anything fiction.  We shall see if he changes my mind.

It appears that this section is recently been updated, so I’m getting ready to get into the brand-new information.  This section starts with an audio to listen to.  Very inspiring stuff, very clear how I could do this!  He says it’s not hard to write…

After listening to the introduction, then he tells me the key to how to be successful with Kindle fiction.  It’s right in the middle of the page.  I’ve already almost changed my mind and I’m only 5 min. into this.

Next section is telling me about how he’s been a train me to write Kindle fiction and how it still again is not very hard.  I’m not really sure I get the sausages comments that he makes.  I must be missing something.  He wants to give me a plan, but he also tells me to use my own style.

He has a couple case studies about different authors and how well they’re doing on Amazon.  There’s some information on some different authors who he suggests are good examples for you to read.

Ok, so now I am in the fiction sections that describe how to write a fiction book, from beginning to end.  He tells me that this is an important section whether or not I plan to sell a fiction book.

He is encouraging me to think through the process and think about my readers…  Just like you plan your niche in internet marketing and talk to them in your own voice (this blog for example) and build a loyal following from people who enjoy what you have to say.  I can see what he is talking about, but I have no idea what I would write a fiction book about.

So, red numbers are down the page, and I don’t want to give too much away, so I will list them and let you know if I agree with them or not:

1.  This section is great for helping you think through what you are going to do.  I totally agree with him!  When I do this, which I really have not done a lot of, I love doing it so that I can spend hours at it!  That is the right way to decide what you will do!  And I can really see what he is saying about repeat buyers – I do this myself!

He takes a lot of time getting you in the right mindset, and I understand why.  Mindset is the most important part of any job.  So, it’s about a 4 page long section – but I am reading and gathering it all in because he is passionate about what he wants me to do.

And I love the way he changes the way you think of yourself somewhere on page 3…  You have changed into something else.  And you write it down so that you don’t forget.  I am getting chills reading this – I can see it happening.  Then I read the information on Genre selection, and he has such a large number of genres (categories that you could write in) that I am almost overwhelmed.  But in the end, I figured one out!  [No worries, this will be under a pen name, so you won’t need to try to find me in Amazon]

Ok, next section is about getting it together, with red numbers to lead you down the right road:

  1. Yes, I did do this already.
  2. I have thought about how I will do this but I am not sure about it in the first book…
  3. Ok. I do understand that, and as I am reading I am writing out the story information he is asking so I don’t just skip it.  I have a good idea for this part!  It combines several genres – bonus!
  4. My mind is spinning, I don’t know the complete answer but I am going to take action and just figure something out.  I will fix it up later.
  5. Characters – lots to think about!
  6. Ok, that just added a few more people and thoughts to the mix.
  7. Ah, character development – I am liking this.  I feel like I know “her” already and I have not written a word.
  8. Oh, I thought this was mandatory.  Either way, I am going to add it in.
  9. Yep, good information for when I am writing the book and how to structure it.
  10. Ok, I am going to write a short story.

Next section is also about how to develop the story and structure it from beginning to end.  And he tells me how to make sure that my readers are happy when they are done with the book.  Good information, because I would not have started this way, but it makes complete sense now.

Next page is blank – but he promises the content is coming soon so I will move on to the next section.

Ok, now we are talking about after the book is written and put together, and what we should do.  I personally had my mother in law read my book that I wrote on renal diets because she is nit picky and that is what it needed.  I needed to make sure there were no errors in the book and that it flowed well.  Which, she helped me with a great deal.  He gives a lot of suggestions for picking up small things that might need to be changed.  And suggestions that I would have taken for granted even though I like my books a certain way.  He tells you what the average person likes!  He ends it with a way to keep people engaged and returning to your book.  I can see how authors have done this when I read books.  It never occurred to me that it was intentional, but it was.

The last section is about promotion – and he says he has an entire section planned out for that, so I am just out of luck and will have to read it after I get through the non-fiction sections.

For tonight, before I go to bed, I am going to map out the first fiction story that I want to write about my genre based on the kindling training I have gone through.  I want to answer the questions a little better and write out what will happen in my book in a general outline.  I am glad to do this – a short story only has to be 6000 – 10000 words, and I write that many every week using a product called

Thanks for listening today.  I am sure you will be extra excited when you just jump in.  It’s been a week, I have not written a book (since I started this training) but I have a much better understanding of what I want to do.  Thanks Kindling!  Tell me what you are going to do to take action today.







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