Guide To Cashing In On Shiny New Object Syndrome – Review Day 1

I am starting this blog based on the product by Tiffany Dow, entitled “Guide to Cashing in on Shiny New Object Syndrome“, for my first review.

I am going to review this product as well as many others.

First, I want to start with talking about the sales page.

I bought the product from the Warrior Forum, but the link above takes you to her sales page.

I love the colors – goes well with the shiny new object syndrome name.  Yep, you see something cool and interesting and even though you are not sure you need it – you probably didn’t even realize how much you needed it until you read the sales copy – you buy it!  That’s called shiny new object syndrome.  Like, you are easily distracted.  I can admit that I am pretty much in that boat.

So, reading the website, you can see that she tells you what you are getting.  And she describes me so well – frothing at the mouth for the next greatest thing.  That’s me.

I really want to diversify my income, and develop an audience that I can be myself with.  I want to improve, Tiffany – show me how!

I have a bunch of WSO’s (shiny new objects) on my hard drive right now, man – if I could use this (like I am doing) to implement the programs I buy – I might actually make some money on line without a lot of effort.

She says it takes guts to implement her system.  I have been on Tiffany Dow’s mailing list for about a year, and I feel like I know her.  I even bought the next product that I am going to review through her link because I trust her.  So – I have a really good idea of what I am getting myself into when I get this product.

I have seen her reviews before, they are brutally honest.  And so, I know I can do this because I love implementing things – but I am a terrible finisher.  So, help me finish!

She promises no upsells (additional products that come up after you buy the product that either complete or complement the product) and she is honest – you just get the 40 page PDF file and you are ready to roll.

Easy to buy – posted on clickbank which offers a 60 day money back guarantee.  So, you either love it or you get your money back.

I won’t be asking for my money back.  I am already in love with the guide she has written.


Onto the product:

I bought it the first day it was out and downloaded it.  Not hard at all, and the sales process worked smoothly.  You are taken directly to the page that you need to download from.

I read through the file, and found some errors.  Mainly that one of the promises she made was to tell me how to make a bad review (something that didn’t work as advertised) into a positive.  I didn’t find that.  I found a few other spelling errors, but I am not too picky.  So I emailed Tiffany, and she responded with a new file that she had just updated that answered my questions.  Great – it was answered in the new file.

Going through the file, it’s easy to see that this is a viable business model.  I love how she talks about the mistakes that people make first – so you know that you can forgive yourself if you have done those and move on!

She talks about why the make money online niche is so great to work in – and her reasoning makes sense.  Everyone speaks to a different audience and we can find our leaders in different types of attitudes and styles.  You are unique (me saying this, not her) and you can find the voice that you have.  IF you are already buying lots of products in this niche, then you are a perfect person to try them out and see if they work.  In other words, you are your target audience.  Don’t be ashamed – embrace it!

She goes on to help you set up a website with the right tools.  I have several WordPress and Joomla! sites, so I skim over this section.  I did look at the settings she recommended, and the only thing I would add is a tracking tool for your website.  I like to know what words people are using to find my site and where they are coming from.  I use Clicky, they have a free plan if you are just starting out and only have one website to track.  It’s real time, which is why I love it.

I agree with her thoughts on theme selection, and what posts you need to start your blog off with.  The other thing I would add to her book is that I think you should have a resources page from the start.  You use products, people are going to ask about what you use to do certain things, and it’s a one stop page for products once you believe in them and like them for people to see what you recommend.  I also disagree that an autoresponder is optional – it’s a mistake to not build your list from the beginning.  Even if you are cheap, you can get some autoresponders for free.  But if you want to send out affiliate links, you have to use aweber.

She makes some recommendations about adding advertisements to your blog, I think it’s not a good thing to start out with ads.  I am so turned off by sites with so much Google adsense, so I guess I am just predisposed to not wanting to do it.  I don’t want you to leave my blog!

Next review day I will go over the rest of the PDF and let you know my thoughts and how I plan to take action!

Let me know how you are going to take action today on something you have purchased but not used.

-- Download Guide To Cashing In On Shiny New Object Syndrome - Review Day 1 as PDF --

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